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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I like Purple Numbers and the linking/reference power they bring. The current implementation may be sacrificing aestetics for precision. I find myself wanting* a browser purple plugin to reference non-linkable sections of the web. I'll note thoughts on that after recent scenarios:

  1. Tim O'Reilly notes that the FOO shindig was a party and organized under those norms in a comment at this weblog post.  Search for "Hey guys".
  2. After reading the Anders' Artima interview regarding virtual foo, I was left wondering whether I "pity the foo()"
  3. In considering recent micro-content links I realized that my Square Rutabaga tag-line is far from precise, technically.

On to purple numbers plugin thoughts...

  1. Plug-in has the capability to add purple numbers to any page in view
  2. Toolbarlet that lets me hide/display numbers for any given web page
  3. Algorithmic details and issues therein are for a later closer look
  4. Numbers are lower priority than name and id tags, but those are purpled when purple numbers are toggled.
  5. Most importantly: Purple numbers become the third leg in the "horshoes and hand grenades" accuracy world of an ever changing web.

Accompanying server...
As all browsers won't be up to speed or easily accessible, an accompanying service to translate a page into a include purple numbers would be useful, if not validating.
* I haven't researched Purple Numbers or the discussions enough to know if any or all of this has been listed, built, or shot-down.**
** Blogging: Where sincerity trumps credibility.

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