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Some people think that Bill Gates looks like me.


Appalachian Dulcimer Museum

John at Smokehouse Winery, a place that specializes in the making of mead, cider, and historic beverages, where I have spent several happy hours sampling meads, is starting a museum about the appalachian dulcimer. He writes:

I also want to take this opportunity to announce a new vision and component of the Meadery. Several of you know of my passion for the instrument known as the appalachain dulcimer (synonyms-'lap' 'strumming' or 'mountain' dulcimer). This wonderful piece of american folklore is the ONLY indiginous American instrument. Its quiet, mesmerizing tone harkens back to a simpler day when one could hear its sing song ring throughout many a blue ridge hollow. The folk revival of the 60s saw a huge increase in interest in this unique mountain instrument, its simple, honest tone melting the hearts of many. Still, no one place (that I know of), houses collections of these beauties. It is our intention here to spread the word and make dulcimers accessable to people for viewing and listening. Also to have information on the makers/players of quality dulcimers (original people and at present), and dulcimer concerts occasionally featuring some of the countrys best. I would like to ask you kind folk for help in acquiring unique/old/quality dulcimers. Anyone willing to donate an old or unused dulcimer to the cause is welcome to email or call (540-987-3194). In case some are unfamiliar with them: they usually have an hourglass figure (sometimes teardrop, oval or rectangle) usually have 3 or 4 strings and usually 2-4 soundholes (hearts are/were popular). Bless you, anyone who is nice enough to donate or do homework on it etc. I hope some are touched and intrigued as I was 20 years ago when first I heard a lilting translike dulcimer droning away(thanks Dave Cousins, Richard Thompson et al).

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Apparently, I am Easy Rider

I took one of those silly personality inventory tests. It said that if I were a movie, I would be Easy Rider.

A bunch of my friends took it. They told me that they got different results depending on the length of the test. There are versions from 9 to 45 questions long.

While looking up Easy Rider, I discovered that Dennis Hopper directed it. I had no idea. I think I knew that he wrote it with Peter Fonda.

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