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Some people think that Bill Gates looks like me.


Looking for a family bbs

I'm looking for a bulletin board or community message board system that my extended family can use. If you know of one that meet my requirements, I'd appreciate it if you'd post a comment here to tell me about it.

My requirements are:

  • as simple to use as Yahoo! Groups
  • supports message threading
  • supports pictures in postings
  • runs under thttpd or provides its own web server (Apache is too complicated for me)
  • users have to register with name, e-mail address
  • anonymous cowards prohibited from posting
  • no moderation required
  • doesn't require MySQL (optional)
  • requires little or no tweeking to make it ready for use

The thttpd requirement excludes PHP solutions. It probably limits me to cgi-bin.

I'm playing with two Zope products, CMF and Squishdot. They're both pretty nice but the don't meet my requirements. If there is an easy way to make them do it, I'd like to know about it.

CMF is too complicated to use. Posting a message requires too many choices from the user. You don't post directly to the board. Instead, you publish something on your own, private space within CMS and it magically finds its way into a thread.

Squishdot doesn't have user registration. Anyone can post. It will take a little bit of work to make it look right. By default, a Squishdot site looks like the main Squishdot site, with the Squishdot logo and everything.

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