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Some people think that Bill Gates looks like me.


Teasing Orkut

Orkut has had some e-mail problems such as sending duplicate e-mail or e-mail with [message resent] in the subject line. Yesterday, it claimed to have fixed them.

Weeks ago, my friend Phil joined at my invitation. Yesterday, Orkut sent me a [message resent] duplicate of the e-mail that announced Phil's arrival. Here is my reply without linkage to explain the cultural references:

Dear Phil, You wrote:

>So I joined the cult now. 
>See how this goes.
>This message was sent by Phil Giltner to friends.
Now you sit back and wait. In a while, you'll be famous. You'll be connected to the entire universe through just three or four friends. People will send you gifts. Randolph Mantooth will give you his unlisted telephone number. Aliens will ask you to help them write a cook book. A clown will visit your house and give you a pony. The Red Sox will win the World Series.

Love, David

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