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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rumor Central.

 Rehnquist will announce his resignation tomorrow, giving Bubble Boy a two-fer. Prediction: He’ll split the difference. A uniter, not a divider. Also, hot hot HOT rumors out of the Hill claiming Rove indictments to be announced within the week. We’ll see. Fitzgerald may have gotten enough from Matt Cooper’s testimony to proceed…

[Suburban Guerrilla]
9:47:35 PM    

A Must Read Today by Steve Soto.
Found this site thanks to a link on All Spin Zone

What Good Is An "Anywhere But Here" Anti-Terror Policy? (Link) What good is an anti-terror policy if your only consolation is that everyone else in the world suffers except you?

By (Pissed_Off_Patricia).
3:19:58 PM    

"This is not a case of a whistle-blower," said a federal judge who ordered Judith Miller to begin serving time at a "New Generation" jail. "It's a case in which the information she was given and her potential use of it was a crime... She has a waiver she chooses not to recognize."

5:24:35 AM    

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