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Ahh, slash fixed....

So, the fix to the slashes was a trivial

  files = map( lambda x: re.sub( r'\\', '/', x ), files )

as the first line to UpstreamTool.upstreamMultipleFiles

In an ideal world, that probably should be protected to only be done when the local system's directory separator is not slash. I think that would be done as:

  dirSep = os.path.join( 'a', 'b' )[1:-1]

  if dirSep != '/':

    files = map( lambda x: re.sub( dirSep, '/', x ), files )

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Oops! Buggy patch

OOPS!!! my patch seemed to work, but it caused the event log to become corrupted. Reverting to Georg's patches, and removing the patch file below.

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Running PyDS under Windows

Georg's patch worked fine. I crafted a slightly different one, which allows the log files to be written, by patching Daemonize.py (and tweaking install_handlers in Server.py)

My patch -- tested only on Windows 98 -- may be found at http://dtor.com/PyDS/Bug_01_fix.tgz

Source: Python Desktop Server Weblog
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Bug on Windows 98

Ran into a bug -- not sure exactly what's up.

Apparently, the working directory is off when saveMultipleFiles is executed, as none of the local files can be found (see below for event log messages).

Georg found and fixed the bug! Awesome

Old bug details are at dtor.com/PyDS/Bug_01.html

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