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Backup and restore instructions

Extracted from the comments to the 0.4.14 announcement (which can't be linked directly):

Hal asked:

Re the cloud -- actually, what I'm missing are the items that go with a first time push (I assume) - the gifs for the XML and email icons, etc.

Should there be some sort of "site refresh" function, since all the file exist on my local desktop?

Or a "site pull" if i wanted to start using PyDS from a different box?

Are these just new tools I can write and dump into the right column? geschrieben von Hal Wine um 03:13:44 am 03.03.2003

Georg answers:

To upstream stuff that should have gone in the first time, just touch those files (make there date current). Then upstreaming will push them up next time.

Pull isn't there, and since XMLStorageSystem doesn't have a directory reading functionality, wouldn't be possible to implement. There was one, once, but it's obsoleted.

To start PyDS from a different box, just backup your local copy, upstream the backup and do a restore from the other machine. To backup currently you only can use the timer in the preferences (add a backup timer to the list) and enable the backup upstreaming in your preferences.

To restore use the pyds-restore script.

Source: Python Desktop Server Weblog (Kommentare zu Beitrag P56)
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