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With respect to P120, it looks like Georg has incorporated my changes into CVS. If you do an update, you won't need no steenking diff.
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No auto-create links from Weblog

Done: This link doesn't resolve to anything, but shouldn't resolve internally to an edit page and shouldn't be green externally on that 404 link.
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New To Dos:

  • P124: Where'd my ambiguous links resolve to?
  • P123: What's this item's internal link?
  • P122: Show only category items
  • P121: Show first, not edit
  • P125: This text points to nothing at all
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Where'd my ambiguous links resolve to?

To do: Provide a way for people to check, edit, or remove the automatically resolved links from an item. Maybe I should just append it to the text they're editing, or provide it for a separate edit field. Anyone?
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What's this item's internal link?

To Do: Make it easy to figure out any item's internal pyds:/ link. Otherwise it's pretty hard to explicitly link to it, eh?
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Show only category items

To Do: Add a WeblogTool view showing only items from a particular category. It'd be handy to find my ToDo pages, that's for sure.
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