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ZWiki in Zope 3!

Stephan Richter has ported ZWiki to Zope 3, and it now lives in the public Zope CVS repository. It's still a young version, and the skin needs work, but that's OK.

This new version supports reStructuredText, which is a real boon. Thanks, Stephan!

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What are the Python Community and Desktop Servers?

I've been playing with PyDS to try and figure this out, but it remains very confusing. My current interest is in having some sort of private notepad tool that's Web-accessible. Ideally a combined blog/wiki tool, I think, perhaps with bookmarks management as well (and a way for Mozilla to use it as a data source directly).

It's not at all clear that the Python Community / Desktop Server combination suits this goal, but I thought I'd check it out.

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This is a personal weblog, where I make notes to myself and generally rant when I feel like it. I really created it to try out the PyDS/PyCS ideas, but they're pretty neat.

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