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A blog looking at business communication, knowledge management, scripting tools, OS technology news and other things of interest to mobile tech workers. As I find interesting news this will also contain pointers to thoughts related to configuration managment, change management and general software development.

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editmoin 1.0

Just got to keep a link to this around. I've been playing with MoinMoin wiki lately for a personal information management platform and with this addition, it has worked out better than I imagined.

More on the experiment with wiki wiki as a PIM over the next few weeks.

Source: PyPI recent updates
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Scobel on Mass Aggregator Use ...

Scobel watches 618 websites and counting ... wow. If you want to stay current, aggregators are definately the way to go ... or just read The Scobleizer Weblog ;-)

Aggregators really do change the way you think about the web... I find myself shunning sites that don't have a full rss feed that includes the full text of articles. I often don't write down references to articles I hear about on the radio knowing that someone in the my aggregator's list of weblogs (not nearly as big as Scobel's) will pick it up for me. Its like that Intelligent Agent stuff ... but it works.

Source: The Scobleizer Weblog
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10 Best Intranets of the Year

Thanks to Scoble, the human aggregator, for this link. Besides pointing out the names of the winners, it also details some of the characteristics of what a good intranet site might look like and do.

Also intriguing are Robert Scoble's comments about Microsoft's intranet, particularly the references in the comments to the post about how it is descentralized. I think this is an angle that is especially important for an organization teeming with road warriors.

Source: The Scobleizer Weblog
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