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A blog looking at business communication, knowledge management, scripting tools, OS technology news and other things of interest to mobile tech workers. As I find interesting news this will also contain pointers to thoughts related to configuration managment, change management and general software development.

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Wiki vs SharePoint

Bebo is wondering about the difference between a Wiki and SharePoint.

I am really into wiki. I have installed a wiki for our developers at work with great success. Nothing is easier and faster to propogate information and ideas.

The company I work for wants to start using a SharePoint site. It thinks that this will be the cure for information sharing. I am skeptical, but I don't have any experience with SharePoint so I don't really know. It looks like it has a ton of cool features, but how practical is it?

So, if you had to put SharePoint head to head with a good Wiki implementation, who would win?

My experience with Sharpoint is that it ends up being a fancy shared drive or file dumping ground with not nearly so much extra value as you would get on a Wiki. Most of the implementation I've seen end up having a nicely organized directory structure but are still only glorified file dumping grounds. If the wiki takes off, it turns into a more collaborative space or community white board and I have not seen that emerge on the SharePoint.

My preference would be for the wiki if you want to do more than just store files. I know that SharePoint can do a lot more ... that is just how I've seen it used most frequently. Just my two cents.

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Split Views

Jeff Mesnil has create some great bookmarklets to split the view within a broswer. He does it by putting the current html document into a frameset! Pretty clever. Checkout the screenshot.

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