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October 2003
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A list of tools that can be used for blogging.

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PyDS - Great Blogging Tool

I've been using PyDS for several months now and I have to give it a two thumbs up for being one of best pieces of software I've laid hands on in a long time. Georg Bauer, you're doing a great job.

  • The windows installers have been flawless and it has been utterly reliable. Thanks for this goes to Louis Fege.

  • I am currently using it to blog for two separate blogs and it has been fantastic.

  • The built in aggregator has been fantastic. Having it web based made it easy to sync to my palm pilot via JPluck.

  • It has a nifty offline switch that makes it easy to 'test post' to my blog and see it in the local preview server before it gets upstreamed. Great stuff.

  • There are a steady stream of updates and new features (zine features are waiting for me to explore).

  • Customizing it has been a snap...

  • Finally, in keeping with the Road Warrior theme, it has worked great in offline mode as I traveled. I can read my aggregator and work on posts just about anywhere. This is the ultimate seller for me.

For anyone whose free days with Radio are running out, this is definitely something to consider. Even if you were not using Radio (I wasn't) I'd highly recommend it.

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