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December 2003
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A list of tools that can be used for blogging.

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PyDSBlogThis Bookmarklet

I've been reading up on what bookmarklets are all about. The above is an article that got me started.

In my quest to further extend my tools to understand and talk to my blogging tool of choice (PyDS) I have written a bookmarklet that posts the current page in IE into PyDS and fills out the source, url and title to match.

Let me know if someone out there has already done this. In case not, here it is: PyDSBlogThis

Drag and drop the link into your favourites. If you have some text selected in the browser when you click on the PyDSBlogThis link it will quote it in the Source part of the post window. It doesn't look like I can have it quoted automatically in the Text input box of the post, which is too bad since that is really what I wanted to do.

I've tested this with IE 6 and know that it doesn't work with netscape browsers (the bit that gets the selected text has to use a different method in netscape/mozilla).

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