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October 2003
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This category should accumlate links and information relating to the discipline of Configuration Management in software engineering. It may also have postings related to general change management processes organization's use to manage their general IT infrastructure as well as software development.

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Ant 1.6 Makes an Appearance

Apache Ant 1.6beta1 has been released. This release requires JDK 1.2. Lots of good stuff around namespaces giving tasks some protection.

Source: TheServerSide.Com: Your J2EE Community Forum
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Enterprise Build System

Here is something that looks interesting for complex J2EE systems looking for advanced build automation.

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Concurrent Development is Hard

Interesting post that points to how difficult large scale software development can really be:

The bigger your team, the bigger your company, the more stuff you have going on, then the more powerful you want your SCM tool to be. Even still, Ive run across teams of significant size who prefer to use only the basics. The truth is that concurrent development is hard. Good SCM tools make it easier, but some people prefer to adopt processes which prevent complexity instead of using tools which help manage complexity. But for those who dare, good version control systems offer several ways to maintain your sanity even while lots of things are going on at one time.

This is something that I frequently point out as well. I work hard to implement a solution that is as simple as possible, while still allowing the complex behaviour known as concurrent release development to occur where necessary. If your team can release code in a serial fashion, so much the better for you.

Often however, you can't dodge the bullet. Business needs require us to work on more than one release at a time. Very often development teams and management forget that what they are trying to do is hard. Too often they end up blaming their tools. This often leads to tool churn and the inevitable lost time, money and patience. And of couse, exacerbates the problems because what started out as difficult becomes near to impossible as the tools change out from under the development teams.

Source: Roland Tanglao: SourceCodeControlSystems
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Araxis Merge for merging code from multiple branches

Here is a pointer to a great merge/diff tool for win32.

Source: Roland Tanglao: SourceCodeControlSystems
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Configuration Management Patterns

This book has been out for a while. Not a bad read. I may post a more indepth review here later.

Source: Roland Tanglao: SourceCodeControlSystems
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Dearth of CM Blogs ....

Not sure why, but I have had real trouble finding others who are interested in writing about Configuration Management topics in the blogosphere ... Watch this space in the future as I'll add whatever I do find... and maybe even some of my own thoughts.

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