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November 2003
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This category should accumlate links and information relating to the discipline of Configuration Management in software engineering. It may also have postings related to general change management processes organization's use to manage their general IT infrastructure as well as software development.

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Blogs and RSS feeds from CVS commits, and automated unit testing

More thinking on where RSS + CM + project management can go. Clearly RSS can be the medium that allows you to put an awsome project portal toegher pretty quickly.

Source: Roland Tanglao: SourceCodeControlSystems
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CVS Commit + Weblog = Changeblog

In reading Jeremy's post again, I noticed I missed his point about RSS feeds from CVS. This is an interseting idea. RSS could give you a day in the life of the project. Very handy.

Source: Jeremy Zawodnys blog
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Community Software in Configuration Management

Jeremey points an awsome idea for extending CM systems (in this case CVS but the idea could be applied pretty broadly). Have the CM tool post to a blog as work is finished. Probably even more relevant to Change Management lifecycle tools.

Also take a look at Jason's notebook article where he has an article about Perl Blogging techniques that includes an updated ChangeBlog.

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CVS as a means of keeping track of your life

More weird uses of CM... actually I do this too (but not with CVS) :-)

Source: Boing Boing Blog
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Source code control for the lone programmer

Reasons why you should do source code control. Always.

Source: Daily
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CVS Commit Notifications via E-mail

How to setup CVS Email notifications.

Source: Jeremy Zawodnys blog
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