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July 2004
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This category should accumlate links and information relating to the discipline of Configuration Management in software engineering. It may also have postings related to general change management processes organization's use to manage their general IT infrastructure as well as software development.

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Java Version Control - CVS or Subversion? [Paul River's Weblog]

At work we're currently using Sourcesafe, and after 3 weeks I've already had the "Sourcesafe doesn`t delete deleted files" issue. Not to mention the checkout model - yech.

Visual sourcesafe would be an original way to manage java source ....
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ClearCase to Subversion

As noted here I am working on a conversion of a ClearCase repository to Subversion. Since there appear to be no resources for this available I wrote a simple perl script that handles the conversion in a relatively simplistic manner. In short, it checks out each version of a ClearCase file and checks it into Subversion, therefore creating the history. It's simple but effective and it worked quite well to convert our entire repository (some 30+ hours for the whole thing..).

[via kasia in a nutshell]

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