Configuration & Change Management 2005/5

May 2005
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This category should accumlate links and information relating to the discipline of Configuration Management in software engineering. It may also have postings related to general change management processes organization's use to manage their general IT infrastructure as well as software development.

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git, source code control, and community

Interesting things are happening with the introduction of a new tool (GIT) to manage the development / maintainence of the Linux Kernel. 

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Best Practices for Software Builds

Here is a good paper by John Birtley from BuildMonkey with some common sense advice about building software sensibly.  Along the way he has some good advice on SCM as well.

No methodology has yet focused on the component that all development projects share - the build.

One of the reasons for this is that the term build is interpreted differently by different people

  • The development team sees it as compilation and assembly
  • The integration team see it as the bringing together of all of the components in the application in a format suitable for release
  • The deployment team see it as something which produces the artifacts that they have to install and configure
  • The testing team see it as something which produces the artifacts that they have to test
  • The Project Manager sees it as an opaque step that nobody is entirely responsible for
  • The end customer should not see it at all
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