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Python Resource List

In my continuing search for Python UML tools I stumbled across this long list of python resources.

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PyNSource - UML Modelling Tools for Python

I have been looking for a good class diagram generator for my jython / python work and stumbled on PyNSource. Here is a quick list of features:

A python code scanner and UML modelling tool that generates

  • UML diagram models that you can layout, arrange and print out.
  • UML text diagrams, which you can paste into your source code for documentation purposes.
  • Java or Delphi code (which can be subsequently imported into more sophisticated UML modelling tools, like Enterprise Architect or ESS-Model (free).)


  • Resilient: doesn't import the python files, thus will never get "stuck" when syntax is wrong.
  • Fast
  • Recognises inheritance and composition relationships
  • Detects the cardinality of associations e.g. one to one or 1..* etc
  • Optionally treat modules as classes - creating a pseudo class for each module - module variables and functions are treated as Attributes and methods of a class
  • Has been developed using unit tests (supplied) so that you can trust it just that little bit more ;-)
  • Free

I gave it a quick try and here is what it looks like (click on the image to see the larger text):

I know that a number of python ide's have class browsers built in but how about a class diagram a-la uml as well? I think that would be pretty handy. Please let me know if there are are other python aware tools out there.

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