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December 2004
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A WSGI server for jython 2.1

Modjy is an implementation of a WSGI compliant gateway/server for jython, built on J2EE servlets. Python Web Server Gateway Interface, as specified in Python Enhancement Proposal 333, is a proposal for a "simple and universal interface between web servers and [python] web applications or frameworks".

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Jython Webapp Tutorial - Part 1 - Writing Servlets in Jython

Here is a tutorial on setting up and building Jython webapps.  Quick Contents:

Looks good and there is more coming. Here is the overal direction the effort is taking:

  • Part 1 - Writing Servlets with Jython
  • Part 2 - Process XML with the Xerces and Xalan libraries from Jython
  • Part 3 - JMS Messaging from Jython with ActiveMQ
  • Part 4 - From web-front end to process-to-process integration with Jython
  • Part 5 - Summarizing the benefits of Jython and dynamic typing in general for Webapp development.

I'm looking forward to the rest!

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