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March 2006
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Posts related to life as a travelling software consultant. The trials and tribulations of post 9-11 travel, living and working remotely, and other silliness.

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This Blog Has Moved

I have been fighting off comment and trackback spam and have been finally driven to move to another tool. It is with great sadness that I leave my beloved PyDS and PyCS (python rules!) tools. This weblog has been moved to http://www.fishandcross.com/blog and is now being driven by WordPress.

I have imported the posts from this site have not been able to get the comments. I trust this site will stay available.

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Marriott Sells Interest in Courtyard ...

Marriott is selling a large portion of its interest in the Courtyard business hotel line .. and my favourite hotel line at that ... hopefully this will still be a participant in the Marriott Rewards program for some time.
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Read Print - Free Online Classics Library

With the refined traveller in mind, here is something to that may help in the event you get board with the latest NYT bestseller. Begin enjoying the classics again:

A warm welcome to Read Print, your free online library. Our website offers thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.

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TSA Express Screening Program

Fliers averaging two or more trips a month could ask for an extensive background check and, once cleared, would get a "registered traveler" card with a biometric identifier from a fingerprint scan or a measurement of the eye.

Question is, would this be available for non US citizens? I already have something similar for US Customs and Immigration (INS Pass). Of course, some of the largest airports already have priority lines for frequent travellers, although you go through the same security checks as everyone else.

Source: LewRockwell.com Blog
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Boston Logan Airport stops work at 8:30PM

Really it does ... at least if you are flying on American. Even the Admirals Club closes at 8:30 ... Starbucks too ... all the food court ... Sheesh! And as far as I could find only the Admirals Club had a TMobile hotspot I could get ... I had to cut my work short as I waited until my 9:40 PM American Eagle flight. 8:30 PM ... unbelievable!

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Flying higher

Doc points to this Road (Air?) Warrior essential. Want to know just what is the best economy seat on an American Airlines 737-800? Checkout SeatGuru.com.

Source: The Doc Searls Weblog
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La Quinta is Road Warrior Friendly

Next to safety, security, reasonable bed and desk, hbo ... you must have high speed internet. Now there's one more hotel chain that I can stay in. So far I have the best luck in Marriott Courtyards ... which so far have been offering high speed internet for free lately. Now you can dd LaQuinta.

Source: Wi-Fi Networking News
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The Skype Thing ....

Here is software that has taken P2P to a new level ... telephony. Just need to get it installed on my home computer ... and no more long distance calls home when I travel...

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