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Name Change and PyDS passwords

Welcome to Speno's Pythonic Avocado, formerly known as Qu'est-ce que c'est Python. I upgraded to Python Desktop Server 0.7 and had my Python Community Server password reset to something I know. I also changed the name because, hey, I love avocados and python both.

The Python Desktop Server is still a huge confusing black box to me. Luckily I can peek in at its source code and almost figure things out. For example, like how to change my password without having to register a new blog. Here's what I did:

import metakit db = metakit.storage('/path/to/my/pyds/var/upstream.data', 1) prefs= "prefs[rpcurl:S,password:S,pinginterval:I,upstreaminterval:I,doupstream:I,doping:I,usernum :S,proxy:S,commentsurl:S,cloudurl:S,bytesused:I,maxbytes:I,maxfilesize:I,rankingurl:S,refererurl: S,mailtourl:S,updatesurl:S,webbugurl:S,cancomment:I,trackbackurl:S,cantrackback:I,canmirrorposts: I,hassearch:I,urlsearch:S)" vw = db.getas(prefs) for r in vw: if r.usernum: r.password = 'md5 hash of my new password' db.commit()

If you can read this, then that worked. Hopefully this will be easier by the time PyDS is out of beta. Maybe it already is but I just don't know how yet. Smiley In the meantime, I hope to make use of the newly created PyDS-Users mailing list.

Oh. I just figured out how to use shortcuts. It looks like you put things in double-quotes and they'll be expanded for you. One less question to ask on the list now.

Take care.

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