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Teaching Twisted

I gave a short presentation at work today on the basics of Twisted. I tried to cover what I consider Twisted's core networking features: Protocols, Transports, Reactors, Factories and Deferreds.

Here's the same code I used to demonstrate the first four of those items:

from twisted.internet import protocol from twisted.internet import reactor class CountingEchoProtocol(protocol.Protocol): def dataReceived(self, data): self.transport.write(data) self.factory.incrementCount(len(data)) data_written = self.factory.getCount() self.transport.write('Wrote %d bytes so far.\r\n' % data_written) class CountingEchoFactory(protocol.ServerFactory): protocol = CountingEchoProtocol def __init__(self, max=24): self.count = 0 self.max = max def incrementCount(self, length): self.count = self.count + length if self.count >= self.max: reactor.stop() def getCount(self): return self.count ce_factory = CountingEchoFactory(25) reactor.listenTCP(2323, ce_factory) reactor.run() print 'Wrote %d bytes total.' % ce_factory.getCount()

In prepartion for giving this informal talk, I spent about an hour or so just digging through the Twisted docs and/or the code answering my own questions. So hopefully my co-workers and I all got something from this.

Take care.

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