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Getting Things Done?

"Project Albatross" is done, and my neck sure feels good with the weight lifted from it. I've started in on my "real" work, and the day to day management of programming stuff needs to be revisited. (Don't mention how the next round of "albatross" changes are already in the works. Thanks.)

We have a home-grown and not so great web-based project management system at work, which we augment with a wiki. Both run on hardware that's past its prime and overloaded. It's funny how we manage to saddle ourselves with the junk. I'm sure there's a replacement system is waiting in a box someplace. To be fair, there's more pressing projects for our systems staff to work on, and their group was, until just recently, short staffed. I used to be there, so I cut them much slack. (Hurry up you guys! Smiley)

However, our software repository hardware WAS just upgraded, and along with it came an installation of BugZilla for defect/enhancement tracking. Of course, no one asked me what software to use for this project. (Roundup would have been my first choice.) Ironically, I'm the only person using BugZilla thus far. Considering that I used the wiki for this stuff before, BugZilla is way better, but it has a few annoyances that we're trying to resolve. I'm keeping my options open for another product though.

On the version control front, I'm got resistance when I asked for subversion to be installed on that new box. I only plan to use it in tunnel mode, so it's a very simple install even. As subversion 1.1 is now final, I'll be switching my code repositories as soon as they install it for me. (Even if they don't, actually. Mwah ha ha!)

In the end, I hope these changes improve my work and the work of my entire extended group. We have much to learn and many next actions.

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Digital photos from a young boy

My eldest son has just entered the blogosphere with his own photo blog called "Owen's Pixels".

Keep up the nice work, kid! I'm proud of you!

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Picking Wikis

I went looking for a wiki to install. From the list of choices, it seems like everyone who does that winds up making their own!

I choose Pwyky, a small and elegant wiki written in Python. Yay! Thanks Sean!

I'm soon to be in the market for a CMS or blog thing. Python powered preferred. Plone? It's too early to tell...

Take care.

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Horrific JAPH! My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

My co-worker, who is a perl wizard ($ @ %), thought of me recently and forwarded me a post on the Philly perl mongers list.

Later, the author was able to also eliminate the whitespace. Thank goodness! Smiley

As much as I detest perl, it's something that I need to live with. Luckily, I don't have to write any code using it. Furthermore, I'll be telling you about my co-worker's new perl book in a few months. If you like perl, you'll like his book.

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