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Let's inventory Python blog software

I searched for a list of python web log software, but didn't find anything. Please help by adding to the newly created PythonBlogSoftware wiki page. Thanks!

Take care.

Update:Since the Python wiki requires you to create an account, you can add your contribution to the comments of this post instead. I'll make sure the wiki gets updated.

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Making subversion more like Python

I switched to using subversion for version control at work. So far, so good. However, as a python programmer, there was one obvious missing feature. The --reversion (or -r) argument already takes two revision numbers seperated by a colon to indicate a start and end revision to apply the command to (e.g. svn log -r 5:14), but it doesn't let you leave either the start or end field empty (e.g. svn log -r :10). Maybe it's just me, but I keep wanting to do that. To be fair, you can do it using the symbolic names of BASE or HEAD in the right place.

I filed subversion: Issue 2100 on it. It's a trivial fix, I'm sure, and I even took a look at doing it myself. My brain rebuffed me. Thanks, brain!

Take care.

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Sorry, I timed out there...

Sometimes you don't have time to wait forever...

class TimeoutFunctionException(Exception): """Exception to raise on a timeout""" pass class TimeoutFunction: def __init__(self, function, timeout): self.timeout = timeout self.function = function def handle_timeout(self, signum, frame): raise TimeoutFunctionException() def __call__(self, *args): old = signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, self.handle_timeout) signal.alarm(self.timeout) try: result = self.function(*args) finally: signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, old) signal.alarm(0) return result if __name__ == '__main__': import sys stdin_read = TimeoutFunction(sys.stdin.readline, 1) try: line = stdin_read() except TimeoutFunctionException: print 'Too slow!' else: print 'You made it!'

Thanks to mjd for the original idea implemented in $@%.

I searched the Python Cookbook before writing this code and found nothing. The day after I wrote this TimeoutFunction class, I saw this python cookbook recipe on Daily Python -URL. D'oh!

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