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Higher Order Perl

I work with some person who calls himself Mark Dominus and he's written a book that should be out this month. It's good stuff.

Take care

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Python lacks SNMPv3

I really need a Python SNMP module that supports SNMPv3. I've needed that for the past year or so, and I regret not doing something about it myself.

Instead, I spent too much time trying to work around the problem using net-snmp command-line tools invoked using subprocess (the module formerly known as popen5). Add in threads and non-blocking IO, and you've got a mess of trouble. In the end, I've got something that I now realize probably isn't even correct. Phooey.

Two Python projects are close though. PySNMP, which I'm already using for SNMPv2, seems very close, and yapsnmp promises to seem very close. I won't mention that perl and Java both have SNMPv3 implementations. Double phooey.

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