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BitPim Rocks!

I recently got a new LG VX 4600 phone. It's shiny, but I was resigned to another two years without being able to use iSync. Then I read about an application written in Python and using wxWindows called BitPim. One RadioShack cable and one day later, I've got my phone hooked up, imported my contact list from AddressBook, and put a wallpaper of my kids on the screen.

Even though the VX 4600 isn't officially supported yet unless you are a Telus subscriber, I was able to get it working by telling BitPim I'm using a VX 4500. I also joined the developer's list so maybe I can help get the 4600 on the list for Verizon subscribers.

In a few more days, I hope to announce the "sekret" project that I've been working on too.

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