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Purple Stork - A Python Success Story

I'm delighted to introduce Purple Stork, makers of beautiful custom photo birth announcements. The proprietor is my best friend in the whole world. She "hired" me to implement their online payment processing and I was more than happy to help.

I considered several shopping cart solutions including open source ones like ZenCart and osCommerce and also a few commercial options. I rejected them as being way more than we needed. Besides, PHP makes my eyes bleed (How can you people live without namespaces?).

PayPal was attractive, but there were pieces missing from their out of the box offerings, and that's where Python came in. I wrote a CGI program in Python that handles the stuff that PayPal won't, e.g. issuing order numbers, doing form validation, and setting quantity based discounts. Thanks to Python, and its great standard library modules (cgi, subprocess, re and email to name a few), I was able to create just what was needed very easily and everyone is happy with the results. Of course, it can always be better, so the next version is already underway...

And if anyone wants to help Purple Stork rise in the google ranking, I'd appreciate it if you'd link to http://www.purplestork.com using the words 'custom photo birth announcements'. Thanks!

P.S. That was the "sekret" project I previously mentioned.

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