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Movie marathon

That's it. Today I've watched 3 movies:

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coverhunter running?

  • Here I am again. Today I've released the first version of Cover Hunter (0.1). There are lots of known bugs, but none of them are critical, so it should be usable.

  • Read a little bit more of the Linux Kernel Development book, from Robert Love, wich is a great book, explaining the basics (theory and implementation) of the linux kernel. I hope to start hacking in the kernel soon (maybe 10+ years, hehe).

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Starting early today

The Oracle helped me again. This time I found how to add new sessions to gdm. All I have to do is create a .desktop file inside $GNOME_PREFIX/etc/dm/Session/ with the name of the session and the command to run.

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Hello World!

With the help of Python Apocrypha, I wrote a new version of coverhunter that is now able to fetch covers for all your albums with one mouse click. To achieve this, we have some worker threads sharing a list of pending requests. Each thread stays on a loop pop()ing items from the list and fetching their covers. When there's no items on the list, all threads wait() until the "producer" call notify(). This appears to be a good solution and avoid lots of problem i was having.
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