Aftermarket Pipes 28.10.2004



Back after near catastrophe.

At my last job, we used Python 2.2. After the change of organization, plus a few weeks of consulting, I decided I no longer had a need to keep version 2.2 around. After all, I have 2.3 installed as my default, and 2.4b1 installed to play around with. Right? One quick uninstall, and 2.2 resided in the Program Files directory in the sky

Oops. I had PyDS installed for Python 2.2.

OK, well, the PyDS directory is still around, so hopefully there's enough there to reconstruct. Back it up, install the PyDS distribution, and just out of curiosity, maybe I can just copy the var directory back...

... and it looks like it works. I hate having something work when I don't know why. Looks like it's time to dive into the PyDS architecture.

But first, all the blog stuff I intended to write while my PyDS installation was b0rken. It would be a really nice feature for PyDS to let you backdate posts (even if it then had two dates: a "written" date and a "posted" date...)

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