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My thoughts exactly...

I try not to get into wars over why one technology is better than the other, but I have to point out two links that made me laugh out loud when I read them. Robert Alsina's comments about perl programmers, and JWZ's thoughts on people who spend too much time in database land.

They both hit the nail on the head with their respective topics. Additionally, they made me think about how I use software tools (i.e. python versus perl, oracle vs SQLServer). It is important to remember to use the right tool for the right job. The other day I was trying like mad to figure out a way to use python to parse out a html page so that I could take the data and shove it into a database. But after stopping and thinking about it for a while I decided that it will probably be better to get the stats some other way (like getting a CD from one of the stat websites). If nothing else, trying to design a DB schema to store that stuff will take me just shy of forever, and the draft for my fantasy football league isn't that far away....

But I do think that I'll be using python to access and mutilate manipulate the data that I get out of the DB... ;)

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