the rock garden

I have a rock garden. Last week three of them died...


no more comment spam

Obviously I am playing around with Web stuff tonight. You may notice that comments are now gone. Phil Pearson, who wrote bzero, the blogging tool I use, made each post generated by a python script called a template. By typing one # to comment out a line, comments are removed from all posts. Good bye comment spam. Folks can still contact me through the email interface.
Maybe this summer I will get to do some hacking again :)
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me and my girl

at my buddy Dr. Al's christmas party last year

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Engineering project done

I finished my Matlab project this morning. If you have Matlab you can try it here. It works on OSX and Windows, haven't tried other OSs. It graphs a series of thrown balls. The speed, angle, and final height of each throw is pulled in from a data file, and you can specify at runtime the number of throws per graph and the resolution of them. I was just given a specification and had to pull it together from scratch. It makes sure the numbers make sense, but I haven't tried some wierd cases that might make for wierd results...
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