go ahead and shoot

WARNING-may break down under extreme stress


Well, it finally happened

I finally did something and lost most of my old blog content. I'm sure I have some of it up until last fall somewhere, but it's time to start over.
My work laptop had a few partitions on it, with the usual Microsoft system, the IBM restore utility area, FreeBSD, and another area that got used for different things. I was seduced by the idea of trying Gentoo's new all-on-one-cd install disk with a graphical installer. The graphical installer saw my UFS partition, gave me a Python traceback, and puked on the MBR. I managed to trick Winders into putting an MBR back, but everything but the Windows partition was gone. My mbox with several months of mail, some work documents, not to mention things like dns caching and SpeedStep(tm) speed tweaks were all gone. Sigh.
Ubuntu Linux, the new Dapper Drake flavor, was released around the same time, so it's running now. Think I'll leave experimenting with new operating systems for my junk computers at home.

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new start

While passing a vacant lot late one night, a jogger was stopped by a man who held a gun to his head. "Who are you for," the gunman snarled, "Bush or Dukakis?" The runner thought for a moment, shifting nervously from foot to foot, as the muzzle pressed harder into his temple. "Bush or Dukakis?" the mugger insisted. Finally, the jogger shrugged his shoulders, closed his eyes and bowed his head. "Go ahead and shoot."
Okay, I've started a new blog, "Go ahead and shoot." Topics will be: life, tech, laugh. Share and enjoy.

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