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Ok, I have finished the third story, which lists some tasks (general problem areas) I'd like to focus on whilst looking at various template engines. Meantime I need to work on the navigation of this site a tad. I'm still having a little trouble getting PyDS to do everything I'd like it to, which I have blogged under a "meta" keyword which seems to be impossible to navigate to. (Update: I figured out how to link to the meta category, where the post mentioned above lives.)

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First Post

Here is the first of hopefully many posts in which I will spend some time analysing and comparing various template systems for Python.

I think I'm beginning to get the hang of PyDS, which, incidentally, uses Cheetah templates. My plan is to mostly post stories, since I like the longer essay-form better, and leave the breezier, chattier stuff (like this) to the weblog section.

With that in mind, I've now posted the first two stories. The first story provides a brief summary of what I want to do in this blog, and the second one concerns my own background and perspective. Coming up next, I'll give some example tasks which I can use to evaluate various systems.

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