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Friday, 2002-10-11


The delay-before-editing thing worked this time, and I got to see the rest of the messages that vi hides when bzero is run without a delay. Nothing to write home about, just the "new version available" message. I guess I oughta upgrade now.

Lots of entries in my other bloglast night.

Following some links from JOHO the blog (which I read sometimes), I stumbled upon a clique of interlinked weblogs. I had seen some of them occasionally. mentioned before but most have interests that stray from mine. I did find the "University of Blogaria" mentioned on one of them, which led to this silliness. Hmm, the weblogs were AKMA, One Pot Meal, and Gary Turner's blog, and I now see that they're mostly all listed at AKMA's site as being the faculty of the "University of Blogaria".

One Pot Meal's mention of a Moebius strip of blogging reminded me of the weird spiral mirror suspected Photoshop trick that someone put in their comments. I forgot where, though.

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