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Monday, 2002-11-4

My New Commute

In July, I took and posted (to my other weblog) some photos of my commute, as it is these days. Yesterday, since the weather was nice (high around 70 degrees F), I decided to ride my bike to work and back, just to see if I could make it a regular thing. Well, it turned out to take about an hour and 10 minutes or so each way, so I won't be doing it daily.

Maybe once a week would be good, though. We'll see. Anyway, I took a few photos.

I got a very cool mushroom picture inspired by Jerry's outstanding mushroom series, a shot of my favorite two accordion-related bumper stickers, inspired by Joey de Villa's accordion-related blog, some of the local native fall-colors (i.e., poison oak), and some of the exotic, non-native fall colors (i.e., poison oak).

My bike route differs from my car route in that the former has four barriers (a gate, a climb up to a bridge, 1/3 mile of sweeeet singletrack, and a park) that cars cannot go through. And a nice railroad section, including a trestle. And it goes right by a "Ropes-style challenge course"! The commute will not actually include riding the wire stretched 150 feet over the creek, except perhaps on April 1st.

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