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Friday, 2002-12-13

ziaposts shell script

Now here's a silly thing. I made a shell (zsh) script that echoes the local filenames of my bzero weblog's last-dated postings. Default is just the last one; you can also ask for the day or the month. It back-substitutes "~" for your home directory unless you give it a "-/" argument. It probably won't work on non-Unix systems, though I suppose a cygwin port wouldn't be too difficult.

Common usage?
  • grep something `ziaposts -/ month` — see where you posted about something
  • vi `ziaposts -/` — re-edit your last posting
  • rm `ziaposts -/` — remove your last posting
  • for ff in `ziaposts -/ all` ; do something ; done — revise all of history

Much of the extra mechanism is to make sure that the posts are in chronological "post-date" order. Less mechanism ("find foo -print") would be needed if bzero would retain one leading zero on filenames corresponding to months before October and days before the 10th.

Here's the script: http://www.pycs.net/zia/2002/12/13/ziaposts but you'll have to edit it to change the weblog name to be your own, or parameterize that if you have more than one bzero weblog.

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