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Monday, 2002-12-2

Bzero 0.10 update?

Says here that the new version of bzero has a new postimg command. Doesn't work for me, even though I believe that I'm running bzero-0.10 now.

In maybe-related or maybe-unrelated news, my bzero-0.09 was not notifying me about the availability of the new version bzero-0.10. When I went to the bzero page, I somehow ended up with a file named "bzero-0.10.tar.gz.tar". I wonder if that was a temporary glitch that might explain why my bzero wasn't noticing the new version. Or maybe I just fumble-fingered the download.

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Trans-Canada Trail

Damn animated GIF that ends up with the one bit I want, the overview map of the TCT After writing this "long trails" story in my other weblog, I was trying to get a simple high-level image overview of the most impressive of the trails I mentioned, the Trans-Canada Trail. Unfortunately, the best I could find on their site is this damnimated GIF.

Anyone know of cheap or free tools to remove the crap part of such a thing, and maybe convert it to a non-perverted format (jpg or png) at the same time? I guess maybe I should finally see whether I can put the GIMP on the nearby Solaris system.

In North America, we go "backpacking" on those long trails. In Ireland, they go "hillwalking" on theirs. In Australia, the English speakers call it "bushwalking"; the Koori "go walkabout" but it is or was more spiritual and more integral to their lives. And the Kiwi-flavored bits that comprise this weblog aren't the only reason to mention the "tramping" they do in New Zealand, on their great walks or "tracks", of which the most famous is the Milford Track.

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