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Wednesday, 2002-8-28

Gravity, Agent, gmane

Last Thursday, I found gmane, a mailing list acceptor which then serves NNTP (USENET-style).

I couldn't effectively read work-related newsgroups (gcc/gdb ones) on it, because I only have a Windows machine there, and I don't like the way Netscape or Outlook handle newsgroups. [Is the current Mozilla any better for newsgroups than the old Netscape was? I haven't tried it yet.]

So, I tried installing the two most popular USENET newsreaders that I recalled, Agent (Free Agent) and Gravity. Boy, no contest. My test might not have been very fair, because I only tried the Free version of Agent, and because Gravity has turned into a freeware application; but Gravity was about a million times better in the short tests that I tried.

I've always preferred apps with multiple, simple windows (Eudora and MT-Newswatcher) over cluttered multi-pane designs (anything from MS). But Gravity's "Z" for Zoom command and easy keystroke shortcuts to switch among its three panes go a long way towards making the paned windows, um, less of a pain.

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I think it is working now

So I will enter one last entry, then
I have to get back to doing some real
work. Try again next week.

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A Third Post

Try a third one.

I wonder how many entries we'll see that end with
the following line:
Enter text here

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Another test post.

The first one bombed out when I did the
bzero send
command: no such file or directory.

I created ~/.bzero/templates

bzero send

bombed out again.

I manually copied the installation templates/*.py into
~/.bzero/templates and tried again.

Still crashed.

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New post

Test, first post for new zia weblog; really testing
the bzero weblogger tool, on a Solaris system.

And also I wonder to what extent it handles HTML
and/or raw whitespace encoding within the text of a post.


Check it out.

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