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Thursday, 2002-9-12

Display glitches on W2k

Don't know how long it's been doing this wrong:

  • In both IE and Mozilla (W2k):
    The September calendar has its first numeric line (1234567) offset to the right, with the 1 just farther right than the rightmost correct column (i.e., the column that has "Sat" above the bad row, and 14, 21, and 28 correctly aligned below the bad row).

    The narrow box around the calendar is big enough to make room for this bug.

  • In Mozilla (W2k) only:
    The calendar overlaps with the postings: the left side of the thick black outline of the postings area is almost exactly where the right side of the thin lines surrounding the calendar and other miscellany SHOULD BE, if the bug listed above were fixed.

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Frank and Ernest

A tribute to this week's ongoing frank and earnest discussions:

Frank (to dog): "Heel".

Dog: "Heel thyself"

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