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Wednesday, 2002-9-25

bzero, shorterlink, and mac.com

Bummer, I guess the redirection that is done by shorterlink.com is incompatible with use inside a <img src=...> tag.

Note to Phil: I had placed my a href and img src on separate lines, and had broken the img src tag into a couple of lines because I like to add decent, descriptive alt text, and the result was that bzero inserted "br" tags inside the img src tag. More thought needed here, in the rendering algorithm.

Another note to Phil: this time of the month, it's easy to see that when bzero does its posting, it sends the newly rendered entries in chronological order. That means that the page I just edited is sent last. But it is typically the main one that I'm really interested in, so I have to wait for the rest of the month to be sent before I can verify that my new front page is there on the server. Not bad here where I have broadband access, but I suspect that it'll be irksome on a dialup. Suggestion: send the entries to the server LATEST FIRST.

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Off to Kings Canyon

Too many people in the pool at Mist Falls
This weekend. The 17th annual post-labor-day geek trip. This year will be my sixth visit with the group. I've never quite had the courage to go into that pool -- it's at the top of Mist Falls.

(Photo links had to be "shorterlink.com"-ified, because Apple's (NeXT's) original WebObjects-based mac.com stuff creates stupidly long URLs. I wonder whether Apple is ever going to realize that URLs are part of the user interface!)

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