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Tuesday, 2003-1-14

winreg -- easier access to Windows Registry

Garth "DBS" Kidd has a simple Python module "winreg" that offers easier access to the Windows Registry. I never had much use for Windows in my previous 18 years: Digital Research, in 1984-1985, still thought themselves serious competitors for Microsoft; Sun, 1986-1995 never had a good word for MS, and they still don't; and Apple 1995-2001 has always had a kind of love-hate relationship with them. But now I have a couple of Windows machines, and using the Registry was the easiest/cheapest way I could get them to have decent keyboard layouts.

Unfortunately, I think I need to REMOVE the "Scancode Map" key from "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout", so winreg 0.1 isn't quite up to it yet. But it did point me to the standard Python Library module _winreg, which may help with the problem.

The problem is that I haven't built a new kbdMINE.dll; instead, I've just used a Scancode Map to alter the layout for everyone. But in order for my wife to use either machine, I have to turn the keyboard back to normal. The other problem is that the OS needs a reboot in order for a change of this magnitude to take effect. Yecch.

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