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Tuesday, 2003-1-21

Why are X-Windows servers so bad?

Ya'd think that the state of the art would have advanced a bit by now, but jeez! I have a couple of Intel-based machines at work; one runs Windows 2000, and is connected to the local net via direct ethernet, with a permanent IP address. The other is a laptop, connected via a Wireless network, and a dynamically assigned IP address. I've tried the two X "server"s that run on Windows that are available here, and they both suck really bad.

I started with X-Win32, but it has no setting for automatically copying the clipboard to and from the X selection. That makes it pretty useless.

eXceed does a little better, and when its "automatically copy the clipboard to and from the X selection" fails, which is way too often, at least it does have an explicit command to do that copy.

But it can't seem to connect via the Wireless network, and its diagnostic tools suck really bad. The session starter allows to check a couple of boxes, "Show progress" and "Show host reply". It shows these things in a one-line, 40-character wide non-scrolling window, so they fly by at warp speed, until all that's left is the "Checking status of command", not telling you what command it's talking about, and a "Connection closed (0)." dialog with an "OK" button. Hey, eXceed: it is NOT OK.

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