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Friday, 2003-4-11

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Ok, I massaged the output of that goofy little bzero template modification, to the point where it is usable, though neither as nice-looking as I'd like, nor as automatically generated as I plan. (It's more like a proof-of-concept for now.) One thing I re-discovered along the way: stuff you put under ~/.bzero/blogname/extras/... is posted without rendering; in order to render stuff, put it under ~/.bzero/blogname/site/. So I created ~/.bzero/zia/site/TOC_test.txt, and bzero rendered it, to create a TOC_test.html available at http://www.pycs.net/zia/TOC_test.html.

Still to do:

  • Change the static.py template to refer to (or to contain) my site-wide style elements.
  • Break it up by month.
  • Present the dates better, and remove the #label for any posting (i.e., the vast majority of them) that is the only one for that day.
  • Add a "#today" label.
  • Add to my weblog's front page's template (index.py) a link to the TOC.
  • Figure out an incrementally updatable version. As it currently stands, each time I want to add another posting's title to the TOC, I either have to re-render the whole weblog, or just manually update the TOC like I do with my Radio weblog.

Next time I find a free hour or so. I can still hear Justin Walker's voice telling me "You don't find time ... you make time."

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