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Monday, 2003-4-14

Googlewhack Perepelotchka

I was looking at some online photos I took last summer. One of them is a photo of my nephew Benjamin, with some of the musical instruments he or his mother brought to our Tahoe camping trip. One of the instruments is a "perepelotchka", which is a little harp-like hammer dulcimer except it comes with a guitar pick instead of hammers, and it has a very fun music notation that you can just pick up and play (if the piece is short enough).
I did a google search for the word "perepelotchka", and it came up with exactly one page. Unfortunately, the image from that page has since been moved, along with all of the other images from that camping trip, to my mac.com account, where I have more space available. See over here. I suppose I ought to redirect the .html files in my Radio archives, to point to where the images are now. Not real high on my "To Do" list, though.
The previous year's Tahoe trip led to an unusual style of trip report.

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