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Tuesday, 2003-4-29

Jarno moved, BlogMax, my portals

Jarno "Python Owns Us" Virtanen has moved his weblog to http://www.hole.fi/jajvirta/weblog/. And he noticed that two of the Pythoneers at Zope Corporation have new weblogs: Barry "Mailman" Warsaw and Jeremy Hylton. Both of them appear to use Bill St. Clair's "blogmax" Emacs/elisp blogging mode.
Jarno also mentioned the front page of Bill Venners' artima.com, and/or its artima weblogs aggregator, both of which have been full of fascinating, timely and interesting stuff lately. He does manage to do cool interviews with a lot of prominent software leaders.
Finally, and of less interest to most readers than to me, I have partly moved my "online bookmarks" off of Userland's servers. The old stuff was in http://tmp.i.am/gems/inv/, with funky filenames because of Radio UserLand's refusal to store the python sources as "foo.py".
The old files:

old nameshould bewhat
index_guts_py.txtindex_guts.pyThis has the code that implements the table inversion, as well as the guts — the contents of the tables.
index_template.txtindex.templateThis is the template that index_guts.py reads; it has the styles that give you the colors and the 3-D effect, and it declares the tables themselves.
index_new.htmlindex_new.htmlThis is the output from index_guts.py
addURL.txtaddURLshell script, maintains Additions.html, which my index_new.html links to.
Additions.htmlAdditions.htmlOld stuff, mostly long since added into the main tables.

So ... here (http://tmp.i.am/gems/inv/index_new.html) is how it looks when the styles are all there. My old "editThisPage" page pointed to one of the places (http://mtb.editthispage.com/stories/storyReader$16) that I moved it to; and then I copied an updated version into that space's "gems" directory (at http://static.userland.com/gems/mtb/drat.html), and some time in the future, I expect to move it to a one-letter subdirectory in my got.net world, since their servers seem to be a little snappier and that way, I'll be able to use a pretty nicely short URL: http://dal.i.am/p.

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