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Wednesday, 2003-4-30

I think I fixed the dang backslashes

I had some weird thing where bzero's posts were getting joined to their anchors with backslashes instead of slashes. My index.py template now fixes that when it sees it. I think. This posting is a test to see...

Meanwhile, I added the day of the week to the templates. That helps.

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Programming Language Comparisons

Mostly, they suck. But when I need to pick up a language I haven't touched in a while, I'll look at one of the language comparison sites. For me, pixel's "syntax across languages" is one of the best ones for this "quick-reminders" purpose. The PLEAC project at sourceforge doesn't do JavaScript and has more involved examples. Doug Bagley's shootout is more performance-orinted.

(Taken mostly from a comment I just made at Keith Devens' weblog.)

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