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Friday, 2003-6-6

Weblog Tables of Contents: Jarno agrees

For weblog navigation, Jarno Virtanen suggests

... let me suggest that we could get rid of those pesky calendars and replace them with something simpler, or, better yet, with something better. (A simple one would be an archive page with the titles of the weblog posts and links to the posts, for example.)

Here, let me dig out my trusty time machine ... in my other weblog, I notice that I want an index/TOC ... and here is that weblog's index/TOC (sorry to say, it's still manually maintained). And I wrote some code to be invoked by bzero's templates, which automatically maintains a TOC. Phil P. tells me that a future version of bzero will do this on its own; sorry I haven't had time to try that out yet.
I think Mark Paschal's "Kit" for Radio UserLand can also do something similar, but I never did look deeply into that. And Ned Batchelder has implemented nice-looking TOC-based yearly archives.

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