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Saturday, 2003-8-30

Windows Pains

Bob McW sings the praises of sauces made from meat drippings.

Does anyone know of a free/open-source replacement for Windows' awful command-line windows? (This is (or should be) independent of the command shell that happens to run inside those windows. I use zsh under cygwin, so I rarely have to use Windows' native command line processor.) Anyway, I'm looking for something that behaves like xterm or like MacOSX's Terminal.app. I tried some google searches and didn't find much of anything. Here's the features I'd like to see:

  • you can really resize the windows, even horizontally;
  • copy and paste work correctly (ctrl-C and ctrl-V);
  • new output gets appended at the end of the buffer, regardless of where the cursor currently is; and it does not necessarily scroll the display to show you that new output;
  • new typing (input) causes the cursor to move all the way to the end of the buffer before it gets put into the buffer;
  • you can split the text window so that you can examine earlier output while typing new stuff at the end;

It's hard to believe that people put up with the horrible default terminal window program.

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