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Tuesday, 2004-11-23

Setting up a server

Ever since I got DSL a month or two ago (it had only come to
Ben Lomond last November), I've been going back and forth about
whether it would be better to try some decent web-hosting company
(I'm thinking, say, around 3 Gb of space and a very python-oriented
collection of server-side facilities, for, oh, five or ten bucks a
month) ... or to make my Mac into its own server.

There are some experiments underway in the latter mode. I got a
cool, zia-related dyndns name, zia _dot_ mine (dot) nu , but
haven't yet set up either the server nor even my Energy Saver
settings. I'm still leery of having the machine up and running
at all times -- power in Ben Lomond is still only a "most of the
time" thing -- but maybe having the monitor off and the disks spin
down will make it unobtrusive enough. Hope it doesn't bother the
dogs -- they sleep in that room.

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