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Tuesday, 2004-11-30

Santa Fe Thanksgiving

I gave the name "zia" to this weblog partly because my wife and I had made several visits to New Mexico (mostly Santa Fe), starting with the first ACM C++ conference (1987, I think), where I first met Michael Tiemann and Bjarne Stroustrup.
My wife and I spent the past five days in Santa Fe (since Thanksgiving (Thursday the 25th)) -- just needed to get away for a bit. Drove up towards Tesuque Sunday night, to try to locate the spot of land that we chose not to buy then. Got a nice snowfall on Sunday night. We got some of my favorite kind of slightly incongruous photos -- of Santa Fe style houses with the protruding poles (Vegas) covered with snow, or the adobe walls lined with snow. Or the roof-drains of those kinds of buildings, having icicles hanging from them.
Hopefully. I'll get those photos up somewhere, one of these days.

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